Experienced Floods That Left Your Stumping Damaged? Here Are 3 Reasons to Hire Professionals for House Restumping

Most homeowners dread water damage more than any other form of damage their house can suffer. They understand that moisture is the greatest enemy of the structural strength of their building's foundation. When you have standing water flooded below the house that has perhaps affected the stumps, they will gradually deteriorate. With time, the wood will rot and weaken. The stumping will gradually lose its ability to support the property, creating severe structural problems for your building.

One great way to prevent such an eventuality is having your stumping assessed after flood damage. The damage contractors will determine whether your house should be restumped. Here are three reasons to restump your house after a flood.

It Strengthens Your Home's Foundation

Stumping is the transition between the house and the foundation. When you have problems with the current stumping system, the foundation also gets weak, which means you have to restump your house. The stumping is supposed to bear the house's load and transmit it evenly into the foundation. 

When a section of the stumping system gets weak, the foundation will have more loads it can't effectively bear. With time, the foundation might settle on one side, making your house unsafe for your family. When you restump the house, you avoid all these problems and boost the integrity of its foundation.

It Upgrades the Stumping Material

If your residential property is several decades old, it was probably constructed when they used different and inferior materials. Building technology has become better with time. Most of the materials manufactured for modern buildings, especially for the foundation, are made to resist dry rot. They are also treated to resist moisture, pests, and other sources of damage that will compromise the structural strength of the materials used during restumping.

The restumping contractor will suggest the best material to replace your current stumps. However, this might depend on certain aspects such as the soil condition among other aspects. With the improved materials, you can expect your house to serve you for decades without the need for repairs after restumping.

It Adds Value to Your Home

When you change the stumping material from the old and weaker types to something new and stronger, you have a better chance of convincing a buyer to choose your house. Most buyers will be looking at the appearance of the stumps, the added structural strength and integrity, and how durable the house has become with restumping. They will also make better offers for the home because of the confidence that the house does not need massive repairs.

If the property's foundation is settling, ensure you hire a house restumping contractor for the restumping process. With a professional, your house will have stability, be safe and serve you well for a long period. 

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